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Can Children Take Kratom?

Can Children Take Kratom?

Kratom is a psychoactive drug which is obtained from Mitragyna speciosa. You can chew or smoke it. Many people use it to treat different health conditions. It is useful in treating opioid addiction. Even so, scientists have conducted little research on kratom’s safety. It is important to use the right kratom dosage to achieve certain effects. In this post, we discuss whether kratom is safe for children.

Is Kratom Dangerous?

Many people don’t understand how kratom helps in treating opioid addiction. It causes a euphoric and relaxing effect. Kratom minimizes opioid withdrawal symptoms. Physicians recommend it to people who use fentanyl, heroin, and oxycodone. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate any kratom product. Prolonged kratom use causes aggression, depression, low libido, and irritability. Young children can get addicted to it if you use the wrong kratom dosage.

In the past, scientists believed that kratom didn’t cause addiction. They gave mitragynine (MG) to rats but they didn’t get addicted to the substance. The researchers discovered that kratom contains a psychoactive substance called 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG).

Unlike MG; 7-HMG caused physical dependence. It is associated with cocaine and opioid consumption. Also, it causes euphoria and hyperactivity. Prolonged 7-hydroxymitragynine use can result in drug abuse and kratom addiction.

People who are addicted to kratom need to take it daily to achieve the desired effects. It forces them to gradually increase their usual dosage. The FDA discovered that most of the chemical substances in kratom affect the mu-opioid receptor. They are powerful opioid agonists. There are other compounds which cause addiction and euphoria besides 7-HMG.

The FDA educates people on the negative effects of extended kratom use. It warns them not to use contaminated kratom products to self-medicate. The drug agency tested several products and found that they contained heavy metals and salmonella.

Is Kratom Safe for Children?

Some medications can affect the brain development of your child. It is wise to stick to prescribed medications to maintain your kid’s health. For example, marijuana hinders proper brain development. FDA classifies it as a Schedule 1 drug. It causes a chain reaction in children. Marijuana can cause a child to start taking alcohol. The FDA hasn’t received any complaints about kratom-related chain reactions.

Kratom helps in treating stress and anxiety disorders. Some people administer it to their children to treat excessive cognitive disorders. It is a powerful pain reliever. Children born with persistent chronic pain have to take kratom regularly. But, it is advisable to avoid administering large doses of kratom to children and adolescents for long. They might develop kratom addiction.

Kratom is less fruitful in children, unlike adults. Do not mix it with prescription drugs such as opioids. Kids who consume large quantities of kratom might experience hallucinations, seizures, and sleepwalking. Scientists have made a few studies on kratom’s health benefits. No one has ever reported any case about kratom’s negative effects on children and adolescents.

Many people use kratom to relieve stress and chronic pain. It is useful in rehabilitating children battling with opioid addiction. Also, you can use it to treat anxiety disorders. Consult your doctor to use an appropriate kratom dosage. An overdose might cause aggression, delusions, hallucinations, and tremors.


Is Kratom Safe for Kids